Estimate Medicare plan costs

Estimate Medicare Plan Costs

Estimate Medicare plan costs

Medicare isn't free. When you're shopping for coverage, it's important to think about what your budget needs are. It's about more than just premiums.

Medicare costs


Your Medicare costs will depend on the coverage you choose and the health care services you use. Medicare will help pay for many health care items and services, but you’ll pay a share of the cost, too.

Medicare Advantage and Special Needs plan costs


Medicare Advantage plan costs can be as varied as the plans themselves. In addition to covering medical services, most include prescription drugs, too. Many also offer extra benefits and services not provided by Original Medicare, like wellness programs or a fitness benefit. These may be included in the cost of the plan, or as an option you can buy for an extra fee.

Prescription drug plan costs


Depending on your overall health care needs, you can get prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drugs (MAPD) or a standalone prescription drug plan (PDP). Either way, there are costs involved that you need to know about. Plan premiums and cost sharing can vary widely. Find out more and be prepared to choose wisely.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance plan costs


UnitedHealthcare offers eight standardized Medicare Supplement plans to help cover some of the costs Original Medicare doesn’t. The amount you pay depends on the level of coverage each plan provides, but there are options for wide range of budgets.